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Renewable Energy Offshore solutions

V&SH Offshore Solutions

Renewables provide a significant contribution towards the reduction of fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. With new wind farms being constructed every day, there is an increasing demand for safe offshore high voltage operations. V&SH Offshore Solutions contributes to the energy transition by providing a wide range of high voltage activities for Offshore Wind power.
largest in-house staff in the industry

Offshore Solutions delivered by our own staff

V&SH Offshore Solutions is an offshore contractor, specialized in testing and terminations, cable repairs and outfitting of offshore high voltage assets. We perform a wide range of offshore high voltage activities for the connection and maintenance of offshore wind assets, covering array, export or interconnecting cables. Our track record covers a multitude of wind farms and substations in North Western Europe. We employ the largest team of HV specialists in the industry.
All our staff receive proper and project-specific in-house training and certification prior to every new project. As a result, our professionals deliver the highest quality of work in shortest amount of time, with an outstanding safety record.
Optimising offshore operation

Reducing Offshore Operation Times

As experts in our field, we work together with our clients in order to reduce downtime and risks during offshore construction periods. These time-saving measures are engineered during preparation phases where team optimization and smart solutions are scrutinized to reduce offshore operation time.

Engineering onshore preparations where possible, optimizing team set-up to reduce vessel movements, reducing interfaces and experienced project management are only a few examples of our time-saving measures. We treat our clients with integrity, working towards our common goal of completing a successful project with an immaculate safety record.

Expertise from start to finish. Globally.

Being part of WTS Energy, we can draw on every expertise from beach pit HDD assistance through to the final termination and testing phase to assist our partners in delivering energy. We have access to 160 HV Engineers and staff within V&SH Offshore Solutions and WTS Energy.

Our expertise

  • Consultancy, Advice and Inspection
  • Drilling Outfalls and Landfalls with HDD
  • Pre-assembly of High Voltage Cable Sets
  • Array Cable Termination (33-66kV)
  • Export Cable Termination (33-220kV)
  • Top-side Cable Installation
  • High Voltage & Fiber Optic Testing
  • Maintenance
  • Fault Finding
  • Quick Response Services 24/7 World Wide
Experience is key

Facts and Figures

0 +
HV Joints since 2011
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HV specialists
45000 +
FO Connections since 2011

Further information

We are known for our early involvement regarding mock-up trials, planning and project optimization. For further information regarding high-voltage assembly, testing solutions or anything else, please feel free to contact us. We’re more than happy to assist and advise you.

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Our worldwide presence ensures the timeliness, cost efficiency and compliance adherence required to ensure your implementation timelines are met.

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