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Services and Solutions

Leverage our expertise


We provide expert insight on a wide range of offshore wind areas including energy system modelling for both fixed and floating projects.

Our range and depth of expertise allows us to cater to the needs of each individual project, and our independence enables us to engage effectively with a wide range of stakeholders across the industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to be flexible to the maximum extent to provide optimal quality.

Your preliminary or final tests done right


After completion of the electrical installation work, the wind turbine must be tested before going into production and handed over to the responsibility of the final customer.

Project commissioning is the systematic process by which equipment, systems or installations are tested by verifying their operation in accordance with the project finality and the operational requirements of the owner. V&SH Offshore Solutions can support you during this process for both the HV infrastructure and Fiber Optic infrastructure.

Our own certified testing equipment allows us to move fast anywhere in the world.

Global quality and Service

Cable Jointing and Termination

Our team of experienced and highly qualified cable jointers are trained and certified to carry out jointing and termination work on a variety of cable types and sizes. Array Cable Termination (33-66kV) and Export Cable Termination (33-220kV) are some examples. Contact us today to see how our Service fits your requirements.

Our teams handle both the joints and termination process with the quality you are used from us. A Global network of Offices allows us to provide you with our Service and qualified staff around the Globe.

Limit downtime and power interruption


Maintaining the performance and reliability of your electrical supplies are critical to your operations. In close collaboration with our clients, we develop predictable maintenance strategies to limit unplanned power supply interruptions that may result in downtime and production loss. Therefore, supporting your Company’s preventative and predictive maintenance strategy.

We provide our maintenance contracts over short- and long-term periods. As an addition, we provide Quick Response Services on a 24/7 basis on a Global scale.

Limiting your downtime

Fault finding

Cable deterioration occurs naturally with age, especially when exposed to elevated temperature due to high loading. Faults in cables can occur due to many reasons, overvoltage, service aging, thermal overload, corrosion, or poor workmanship during transport and installation, to name a few.

V&SH Offshore Solutions provides fully trained and certified HV staff to identify, locate, assess, and repair cable deterioration and cable faults. Supported by our Global network of Offices we operate fast and to the highest standards, anywhere in the World. Limiting your downtime and production loss to a minimum.

Life long learning

Training and Certification

Training and Certification are the key to enabling staff to work with the latest equipment and materials in a Safe and consistent manner. V&SH Offshore Solutions provide training and certification services for HV Engineers or related staff.

Gaining hands-on experience and enhancing technical skills will add long-term value to your staff and organisation. Our trainers are highly qualified and ensure that the trained staff is able to perform at the highest quality levels.

Plan - Do - Check - Act

Quality and Project Control

We provide Project preparation and Quality Control / Quality Assurance Services based on our decades of experience. Our team of professionals know the ins and outs of the complex environments we work in. Supported by our fully mobile digital solution set we make sure we start well prepared, can monitor and manage progress and quality levels, and adjust the process where needed to be more efficient.

With our digital solution set we can also provide our digital Safety Management (HSEQ) solution to comply to the applicable Operational Safety Standards. For office staff and staff in the field.