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V&SH Offshore Solutions joins WTS Energy Group

V&SH Offshore Solutions – the leading European High Voltage offshore Testing and Termination company is now part of the global WTS Energy Group.

WTS Energy is pleased to announce that they have come to an agreement with V&SH Hanab, a VolkerWessels company to continue the Offshore High Voltage Electrical Cable Testing and Termination activities as V&SH Offshore Solutions.

V&SH Offshore Solutions is one of the pioneers and early innovators in the cable testing and terminations industry relating to offshore wind parks.

During and after the installation of the offshore wind turbines, a complete electrical grid plus export lines are installed whereby many essential electrical cable connections are engineered and made by Team V&SH Offshore.

Track record

V&SH Offshore has built up the leading track record, experience and operating processes and technology since early 2000’s when the offshore wind park industry in the North Sea started to grow exponentially.

Since 2011 V&SH Offshore has performed the HV Testing and Termination work on (not limited to) the following Offshore Wind developments: Sheringham Shoal, London Array, Meerwind Sud-Ost, DanTysk, NorseeOst, Butendiek, West Meerwind, Sandbank, Dudgeon, Galloper, BlythOffshore, AberdeenFBB, Hornsrev3, Albratos, TritonKnoll, Morray East, Arkona Becken SudOst, HoheSee, EastAnglia1, Borssele and many other projects.

V&SH Offshore Solutions is proud to mention that most of the key offshore wind developers and contractors are amongst their cients, ranging from EPC Contractors, Park Owners, Cable Manufactures, Jointing Equipment Manufacturers and Utilities and Network Operators.

“The Offshore wind industry is rapidly moving beyond the North Sea”

(Gerard Lak, MD V&SH Offshore Solutions)

Innovation and fast developments

Our clients have delivered amazing innovation and scale-up solutions to connect larger and larger turbines with the electricity grid.

“The speed of the developments in recent years, have forced us to constantly train, develop and adjust our workforce’s capabilities”, says Jonne Schortinghuis, Managing Director of V&SH Offshore Solutions.“ Constant updates and training on how to work on ever larger Cables, Connection and Wind Turbines has been the name of the game the last 10 years. We expect the next ten years to be no less active.”

Our first Wind Park developments were 12 kV where we are now looking at 66 kV as a standard and going to 150kV and beyond.

“The Offshore wind industry is rapidly moving beyond the North Sea” , says Gerard Lak, Managing Director of V&SH Offshore Solutions. “ The combination of V&SH Offshore Solutions with WTS Energy is a very powerful one: wind park developments can be found around the world now, from Taiwan to offshore USA. Furthermore many clients ask V&SH Offshore Solutions for new collaboration models and high-level Manpower Supply Services, depending on technology, project size and availability of their own trained personnel.”

WTS Energy is proud to be teaming up with the talented Team of V&SH Offshore Solutions business. “ Our company strategy, says Frederik Rengers, CEO of the WTS Energy Group, is to develop more and more business in the Energy transition, specifically around Electrification.”

“Furthermore, our focus on People & Technology intensive, added value services ties in 100% with the core activities of V&SH Offshore. We have been working with V&SH for many years as a great Client and partner and are looking forward to serving the Offshore Wind industry with maximum quality and commitment.”

We are also looking forward to contributing to making V&SH Offshore the defining global player for HV Testing and Termination services around the world.

WTS Energy: Engineering support, Manpower supply + Recruitment and services company to the global Energy industry. WTS Energy has 18+ offices around the world and employs a workforce of > 1250 engineers and technicians around the world helping Clients with Safe & Clean operations.